As a frontend dev, you probably feel more comfortable looking at this:

GET /api/jobs/7

  "id": 7,
  "description": "We are looking for a passionate frontend developer, one who loves playing with new tech, has worked with, or built, modern single-page apps, experience integrating with RESTful API backends, can speak JSON and not be afraid to look deep into the backend source code. You should have a flair for design, enjoy implementing good looking UIs along with a UX that both your mother and uncle could understand (no offence to mothers and uncles).",
  "role": "As a frontend developer at Towoo you will work directly on the user facing parts of our main three products, all built with either Vue.js, Node.js or Laravel, to improve the parts that needs some love, and build out parts for our planned new features. You will of course work closely with our backend developer, in a very free and open environment where we are not afraid to try new things and technologies. We move fast, but try not to break too much (you should know how to write tests).",
  "responsibilities": [
    "Build product features as Vue components, for our product UIs",
    "Implement frontend tests and QA",
    "Refactor and optimize UI and UX",
    "Mocking up new UI designs and implement them"
  "qualifications": [
    "Fluent in English and can communicate technical concepts in a clear and concise way.",
    "You’re passionate about developing beautiful interfaces",
    "Follow best practices, seek to improve by staying up to date",
    "Love learning new technologies"
  "technologies": [
    "Javascript frameworks: Vue.js",
    "SASS, PostCSS: Bootstrap/Tailwind CSS frameworks",
    "PHP frameworks: Laravel 5",
    "Modern PHP (the right way)",
    "RESTful API's",
    "Continuous integration: GitLab CI",
  "familiarity_with": [
  "salary": "competitive",
  "location": {
    "address": "Howitzvej 60, 1.",
    "city": "Frederiksberg",
    "postal_code": "2000",
    "country": "Denmark",
    "lat": 55.6804426,
    "lng": 12.5225535
  "perks": [
    "Play and mess around with new tech",
    "Explore and prototype new ideas",
    "Flexible working hours",
    "Free soft-drinks, coffee and tea",
    "Near public transport"
  "meta": {
    "keywords": ["vuejs", "laravel", "nodejs", "ui", "ux"],
    "company": "Towoo is a small Danish startup building intelligent marketing and promotional tools targeted restaurants and the HORECA segment. Our main product Tilde is a full featured marketing assistant enabling businesses to promote their events, be discovered and do the most effective marketing. We recently received funding and are now looking to expand our team. Join us as our frontend dev and get a unique chance to build and shape the look and feel of our company along with tons of responsibility."
Apply? Contact Casper at, feel free to include link to past work, your GitHub profile etc.
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