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At Towoo we develop web solutions that drive growth for business

Towoo is a creative digital software development company with offices in Copenhagen and Dubai.

We create digital solutions with the user at the center. For us, it is less important that every detail is perfect, at least in the first version. What matters most is to get our products on the market, and then adjust to the market and user response.

Our main product Hey Tilde is a full-featured marketing assistant enabling businesses to promote their events, sell tickets, be discovered, and do the most effective marketing.

What we do

Hey Tilde Assistent

The online marketing assistant for the restaurant and hotel industry

Hey Tilde is a virtual marketing assistant for restaurants, hotels, event networks, venues, and other experience providers big and small. Hey Tilde helps you plan your event, sell the tickets, promote a large number of different channels, and help make the most of a set marketing budget.

See it live on heytilde.com

Hey Tilde Venue

Display your companies’ events on one site

Tilde Venue is for the bigger companies that own multiple places and for associations who want to compile their members’ events. A Tilde Venue site gathers events from all the members or places and displays them on one site. Tilde Venue is easy to manage, as each place or member can create and edit events from their profile.

Contact Andreas Bergstrand for more information

Hey Tilde Screens

Tell your customers what’s going at your venue directly on screens

Vores Events is an add-on to the Hey Tilde project, so each Hey Tilde account can be directly linked to the on-site event screens. As soon as an event is changed, a new one is made, or an old one expires, the screens update automatically. Never miss an important update again.

See it live on vores.events

Send Et Kram Fox

What do you do when you can't give your loved ones a hug in real life?

Send Et Kram is a small website where you can send virtual hugs. It was made during the COV-19 crisis to bring joy to people. This site is in Danish.

See it live on sendetkram.dk

Monkey with banana

A unique outdoor experience for your child

The Monkey Project is an interactive game that lets children in the area of Slangerup, Zealand use their imagination to solve the mystery of the missing monkey. The game can be downloaded as an app and can be played by children in the ages between 4-7 years accompanied by an adult. This site and the game are in danish.

See it live on hvoreraben.dk.


Create and manage pop-ups for your websites

Popupper allows companies to create and manage pop-ups easily. The editor is easy to use and lets you create professional-looking pop-ups in no time. Create, edit, and manage pop-ups easily.

See it live on popupper.dk.

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Økologisk Landsforening
Dansk Vegetarisk Forening

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Andreas Hoé Bergstrand
Andreas Hoé Bergstrand
CEO & Co-founder
Simon Rothenborg
Simon Rothenborg
CMO & Co-founder
Casper Valdemar Poulsen
Casper Valdemar Poulsen
CTO & Co-founder
Astrid Ulv Thomsen
Astrid Ulv Thomsen
Michal Muller
Michal Muller
Frontend Developer

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